Dona Bay

Dona Bay is a 241 acre bay located in Sarasota County. Associated WBIDs: 1993, 2002, 2002A, 2018A

Dona Bay, in Nokomis, is downstream of Shakett Creek, Fox Creek, Salt Creek, and Cowpen Slough. The watershed was dramatically altered by the construction of drainage canals in Cowpen Slough in the 1960s. Resultant increases in freshwater changed the estuarine ecosystem and has even been known to prevent tides from entering the Venice Inlet during summer rainy season. This tiny bay is protected as an Outstanding Florida Water and is part of the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program study area. There is a designated area for water sports activities in Dona Bay.

This waterbody is located within: Dona and Roberts Bay Watershed

11 Sampling Locations
416,348 Samples
Earliest Sample 08/09/1973
Latest Sample 09/25/2023