Blind Pass

Blind Pass is a 17 acre bay located in Sarasota County. Associated WBIDs: 1968E, 1979

On Siesta Key, what is now Blind Pass was once part of a channel that connected Little Sarasota Bay to the Gulf. In 1921, a hurricane closed Little Sarasota Pass (near Heron Lagoon, to the north) and opened Midnight Pass (to the south). Now Blind Pass is a lagoon, with at boat ramp at Turtle Beach Park that provides boating access to the bay. Kayakers frequent this area. This waterbody is included in the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program and is a SWFWMD SWIM waterbody.

This waterbody is located within: Little Sarasota Bay Watershed

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Earliest Sample 08/08/1990
Latest Sample 05/10/1994